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At Riggins, we provide expert inventory services for convenience stores, liquor stores, warehouses, and various other businesses.
Benefits of Working with Riggins

Knowledgeable and experienced audit staff with years of management experience customized to your needs.

Some of the incredible benefits you will receive using Riggins Inventory Services is knowledgeable staff with management experience. With that experience, we have designed special reports for our customers to help with loss prevention and inventory reconciliation. We are also happy to customize our audits to meet your demands. We provide professional consultation in locating paperwork errors or creating a more tailored method of collecting data that will help with loss prevention. With having working owners, it ensures our “Professional, Personable Service” that we guarantee.

Auditing and Inventory Management
Riggins offers a variety of reports that are customizable to fit the needs of each of our customers. View sample reports below.
Area Category Report
Category Report
Area Location Report
Area Location Category
Location with Piece Count
Book Figure Report
Special Items Report
Riggins Inventory Services Include
  • Experienced Full time Auditors
  • Independent third party source
  • Variety of Services custom designed around EACH customer’s needs
  • Same day results on paper and/or email
  • Tagging system to assure management that all merchandise has been counted
  • Figure comparison system to enable in store verification of all figures
  • Recounts on an area or category if there is an unexplained difference
  • Loss prevention consulting
  • Store Observation Report
  • Year End, Perpetual, and Cycle Counts
  • ATM Verification
  • Lottery Ticket Verification
  • Gas Audits

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